This bio is outdated.

The girl who writes this thinks she’s smart–when she’s not thinking she’s the biggest dummy east of the Miss iss ippi. Nearly a decade after college she ditched her career as some kind of geek, spent a year or so studying biology, chemistry, stats and human development; then embarked on an intensive nutrition and food science program, which pretty immediately into, realized she’s not interested in the clinical side of it; folks, tube feeds are not food. Instead, she got it in her head to dive into the academic world of food. She writes nearly everyday and just started filing some of her gibberish here–literally, just today (well, that was a while ago)(well well now that was a longer while ago). She was posting elsewhere on another blog-like site, but the little chicken only let a few people read that gibberish. She’s worked in interactive–prophesied a ‘Second coming of the Internet’ (Google’s valuation is what?)–and television; has owned two art galleries, curated small-edition fine art shows, makes art sometimes, and has worked a gagillion places–her cv goes back to 1986 (damn did she miss the boat on that year’s big IPO). She motors about with two chatty and very pushy poodles, singing along–loudly–to bad music (achem, sings badly to loud music). She thinks she’s funny. She conjures grand and humble schemes for what could make great and profitable business plans, likely lame ones too. She’s a visionary–she has vision. She weeps when she hears Imagine on the rajjio. Her delusions enable her to get away with quite a lot in life. But she’s managed to never get her a$$ kicked, nor head ripped off, nor has she ever caused any car accidents (yep, this is outdated). Though, she has driven off the road in snow storms on a couple occasions, luckily no trees or little creatures were injured.

It’s all about the food.

Fuck it.


Sweet revenge..

..have been words of the week the past 1,092 weeks running.

Look up once in a while and wonder at the celestial vault and another waxing crescent in the 02011th year of our Dog.




jenny frémont, jennifer frémont, fifi

2 Responses to About

  1. Nice site. Did you send me something from Catbird in Williamsburg? There was no return address. I called them…it’s a mystery with [name edit] written all over it.

    Please let me know. And if you didn’t, well great site. Good job!

  2. ecobore says:

    Hey honey, that is a NICE self description

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