Food folks regularly talk about and reference convenience foods. (conceptual) Typically, they may intend goods found in the center aisles of the grocery market. Though in a broad sense, convenience foods are any food persons do not grow, harvest & prepare or raise, slaughter & cook for themselves. (material) If you happen to have bought a house with an established & productive fig tree in the yard, there is your ultimate convenience food. (dreaming)

Daily Prandium’s particular interests are with the original convenience foods—those foods that have been quick and ready to eat—going back to and well before the Roman Republic. Foods where skimming the ages on the walls at the Met would see time and again–in wealthy patrons dining chambers and dark tables of bean eaters.

Herein I’ve compiled for Daily Prandium feeders, a list of convenience foods. They are differentiated as primary, secondary, tertiary, and will develop this ongoing until we get it right. Check back often, and please feel free to submit your suggestions.

Buon provecho..

1° convenience foods
Singularly eatable on their own; the original and ultimate convenient foods

Milk (raw)
Figs (fresh & dried)
Walnuts, filberts, and other nuts
Sunflower, pumpkin, and other seeds
Beans and legumes
Piper Nigrum
Crushed red pepper

2° convenience foods
Something prepared with two or more 1° ingredients—or—any 1° ingredient prepared for consumption by heat, cold, or diss and reassembling.

Milk (pasteurized, homogenized)
Loaves of bread
Crackers and biscuits
Cheese (especially hard, aged, well-cured)
Olive and pressed oils
Chutneys, jams, jellies, and marmalades
Maple syrup
Jars of roasted & peperoncini peppers
Anchovies in a jar or can
Sardines in a can
Sausage and intestinal encased foods (cured and fresh)

3° convenience foods

x° convenience foods
We aim to not eat these, ever. At times we fail but keep going at it..

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
Industrial corn
Hydrogenated oils
GM soy foods
Anything GM
Anything cloned
Any food refusing truth in labeling
What endangers a species–another or own
Animals raised in sadistic, unnatural conditions
What endangers an ecosystem–another or own natural habitat
From too-faraway, what can be grown nearby (≤500 miles) during twelve months of the year
What exploits or marginalizes peoples, from their land, from their natural agritat*

*portmanteau for agriculture & habitat

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