Reading Daily Prandium you’ve likely noted a particular style of writing. To be specific, certain unusual words are used, or usual words are used in unusual ways. For anything falling out of the writing norm, I typically hot link to the definition. But as some of these words are used repeatedly I choose not to riddle the writings with redundant links. With that and per user feedback, posted herein are meanings for any unusual words and expressions used, as well as any portmanteau created. Translations for foreign words used will not be found here.

ArchiveThe place where foods are kept for future creative purposes but are not intended to be eaten.

BackbrainwashThe hope and goal of Daily Prandium, as one voice, to educate and help undo the bad food and lifestyle habits of a now majority of USAmericans who fall within unhealthy overweight and obese ranges, and those who posses unrealistic attitudes of entitlement which lead to ecological practices that work against earth, animal, and hominid.

BeansWhen not used to refer to actual beans procured, cooked, and eaten, refers to the nutritional content of a food; also used to refer to some place one has bean to.

CenaThe Roman banquet; used here to refer to banquets, festive meals, and any dinner with friends and family.

CRPCrushed red pepper.

Gonzo foodistPersons who write about food. Like Gonzo journalism is subjective, utilizes fiction and non-fiction elements, may be based on personal experience, may use first person narrative, may ‘borrow’ another’s story, and may be altogether invented. The style likely falls outside the food establishment.

GringaA white girl from USAmerica.

KetsupWhen not used to refer to the condiment, means to catch up.

LettuceWhen not used to refer to the leafy green vegetable, means let us.

MeatWhen not used to refer to the flesh part of an animal, means to meet. Ie.. Lettuce make plans to meat soon and ketsup.

OtherAnyone that is not oneself or ones’ peoples. It is the belief of Daily Prandium that other is merely a concept and a myth perpetuated by politics, and those parts and members of society, community, fundamentalist faiths, as well as any industry or company whose aims are solely to serve the self. Those lacking Long Now and collective philosophies are the only other who exist and may be backbrainwashed through education and prandium. It is the intent of Daily Prandium to dispel the other through good food thinking, living and explorations into a collective self.

Piper or pipercornsBlack pepper is piper nigrum. Daily Prandium recipes typically call for fresh cracked piper.

PrandiumThe Roman mid-afternoon meal eaten when and where it suited one’s need, composed of foods considered to be frugal and life sustaining, was grain based and included bread, as well as figs, dates, fruits, vegetables, and leftovers from the prior nights cena. Eating meats alone was frowned upon and fell outside sumptuary law and societal norms.

Q&DQuick and dirty.


SelfAnyone being oneself and ones’ peoples.

SeltzerWhen not referring to actual seltzer, is a euphemism for..

Synaesthesia (n), synaesthetic (adj), synaestheting (v)A sensation of taste provoked by speaking, hearing, and writing words, and not through an actual act of eating a food.

Tap, tap tap, or tappingThe act of typing with the intent to write something to share with you and you and you..

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