My first review, Café 1980



Café 1980 is a small café restaurant in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, situated on the residential end of Wythe Avenue where shops are moving in. The walls are matte white and high gloss black; their aesthetic responds to the aging space. The café seats twenty. During warmer weather there’s a small patio through a narrow, dark hallway to the back. Coffee drinks to go are ordered through a window in the hallway. The restaurant is run by scruffy, lanky Williamsburg boys in skinny jeans and lean teas and rolled up button downs. Girls, boys—they are cute. I went on the perfect night—raining and cold—and Monday. Needless to say the place was empty, save for one garçon and one cook. For me, was a good thing, but no digs to the place or its wares. Two girls came in midway for desserts and to chat—they had some conspiring to do. Details to remain unpublished. Sorry folks, this is New York, we all tune in to the others’ convos. Café 1980 is a good place to eat. The food and the vibe have remained consistent for about a year now (that I’ve been going). For me, here makes a prandium on the day I don’t feel like putting it together. They use the fresh vegetables, herbs—they have me eating whole rosemary now—focaccia and crusty breads, light enough baked eggs, cheese, little meat, and good bevies. Their dishes do not use a lot of salt, and makes up for with reasonable prices—egg dishes and open top focaccias are between six and eight, small plates are three to six, hot and cold beverages between one and four—dollars. A cool Brooklyn vibe, priceless.

Café 1980
150 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
http://www.Note to 1980: Get your website up.pra/


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