Vive la Liberté

I know I’ve claimed to not eat breakfast. Well, an article I am writing opens with the declaration, I do not eat breakfast. Not cereals and pancakes and eggs and bacon, though I love them all. On working days—and nowadays all days are working days—I begin with a café au lait and seltzer. But in recent months I’ve noticed my appetite and hunger don’t get started until later and later each day. If you’re trying to lose weight I suppose would be terrific. If I could bottle and sell the formula, I’d make beaucoup bucks. But I personally am not trying to lose weight, indeed I am looking to gain five or so pounds.

One solution I’ve found works well for me is to eat a yoghurt each morning. It soothes my mouth and stomach and the effect on my energy level is noticeably nil, with no spike & drop followed by starvation which bread-y breakfasts cause. Though don’t be mistaken, a serving of yoghurt is about 150 calories, so you indeed get a fine dose of energy, along with calcium, protein, dietary fiber, fat, and live cultures that promote balanced intestinal health. If you’re fat conscious, there are no-fat yoghurts. Stonyfield is a favourite of mine. And as they are organic, I trust the dairy cattle providing their milk is grass fed. This is important to me. Recent studies by the Organic Farming Research Foundation illustrate that cattle on grass diets provide more ‘good fats’ than so called conventional cattle (fed on corn, silage and soy=not their natural diet=bad for cows=bad for meat & dairy eating peoples). The study is available free and is a worthy read.

So of the foods within the prandium pantheon, yoghurt is a mild obsession of mine, and you know I love it with chopped walnuts and honey. During my few nights in SF, my friend & generous host introduced me to Liberté yoghurt. It was love immediate (That tends to happen when something makes me feel good inside—and why waste time, though I am of the slow foodists and appreciate a slow burn like any other snail). Liberté is yummy, organic, adds no sugar save for the natural sweetness in their peach and pear six grain varieties. These are new favourites of mine. The grains mixed throughout gives it some tooth. They are European-style, and are more sour than sweet than typical American industrial yoghurt varieties.

To my pink piggy squealing delight, my dearest Fairway carries Liberté. I stocked up on a half dozen of their (gasp!) one-serving peach and pear yoghurts; strawberry and raspberry are also available but I’m sticking with Stonyfield for those which are also 0.10 cents cheaper per serving. I typically and hardly ever buy one serving yoghurts. Usually I’ll buy the large, plain, nonfat container and mix in goodness of my own choosing. But as respected green friends back in CA buy them, figured I’d be ok following their lead. Just don’t forget both the plastic container and aluminum top are recyclable.

Buen provecho..

Addendum: I am not a member of SlowFood though by some lines above, might seem I am. I am slow, always have been,—in the domestic ecological sense, but save for when I’m walking or driving—and they don’t own the word. Thank you.

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