One of those nights in SF

This is typed up from some gonzo fooding I played with traveling. I dined alone a lot and played with my treo and tapped at it while I drank my wine and waited and ate and wondered and ate some more. This is not a review of Ti couz. I ate a fine meal there and enjoyed it. I eat at Ti couz because I loved eating there when I lived in SF, and happily love eating there still. But herein is sheer nonsense.

transcription begins

Somehow my appetite managed to bottom out when I arrived here. So what else to do than enjoy a splurge at ti couz. Salade verte, savory crepe avec des champignons et du fromage. The house red is smooth & velvety as garçon advised. If i’m game i’ll order a chantilly et baies.

I am indeed a lightweight. a few sips of house and my eyes and head did that velvety quasar warble. I’ll have a drink at dalva after.

Creature of comfort and familiar, me

Bonne appetite..

I opted for another glass of smooth, velvety instead. I’ll sleep still tonight. I’ve a date with my peninsula tomorrow.. ..

..after suppenkuche. More comfort and familiar..

end transcription

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