Not your Monsieur’s cass-olé


Four skinned legs and thighs des poulets (no antibiotics/hormones..)
Two fresh sausages with brocolli rabe cut lengthwise
Lima beans soaked overnight in a bowl on the stove
One large-ish carrot and two medium turnips well scrubbed and cut lima bean size
Two stalks of celery washed and chopped one quarter inch pieces
Five or seven well-scrubbed red and white baby potatoes
Mashup one can of Italian whole plum tomatoes
One shallot sliced into one half inch thick transverse sections—may vary the cut according to your wishes
One cup aqua (optional)
Half cup fresh cilantro, washed and chopped
Five chilés
Squeeze one limone and leftover meyer lemon
Cracked piper
Five Monhegan bay leaves

On the stovetop heat olio with chilés, sel, cracked piper, piper corns, and bay leaves in a large, heavy soup pot. Next add legs and thighs des poulets and fresh sausages with broccoli rabe. Once the meat is cooked a bit, add another drop of olio and let it all season a bit. After the sausages and poulets are mostly cooked, add water then begin adding the vegetables—cilantro, soaked lima beans, carrots, turnips, red and white baby potatoes, a pinch of sel, cracked piper. Squeeze every last drop of a limone and a leftover meyer lemon over the ingredients and lastly add the mashed canned tomatoes. Let it simmer a few minutes on the stovetop then cover and transfer to an oven preheated to 400°F. After a few minutes adjust temperature to 350°F and let cook an hour or so. For two more hours I let cook at 300°F.

This is a hearty dish and not delicate like some cassoulet recipes may be. I think I’ll experiment a bit with this one.

Buen provecho..


01.24 Pat pat. Eats like I’ve made another successful prandium. Three days in to biting cass-olé and enjoying it very much. I love how flavors develop, or season, as the week progresses, as does the season to varying degrees of Gotham brr..
01.25 And on the fourth day it became food to go with poodles kibble..

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