Tapped like a gonzo foodist in CA..

This woman of the prandium is enjoying a most delightful morning. Overnight I watched the winds blow nasty clouds out and woke this morning to blue skies. My spirits are returned. Strawberry casting about through the big windy city and Indiana on the days haul to Ohio gave my appetite some kind of spike my arrival in SF made no dent at. I am famished.

More goodness. A parking spot right outside Suppenküche in Hayes Valley tells this superstitious one the dogs above are with me for the day’s journey. Let the games begin…—…

The place is packed, more so even than back during my 0’97-0’98 SF tenure. Seams a long time for a place to hold up. Lettuce take a moment of thanks for the days’ gifts.

I’m seated in the little room next to the bar. It’s dark with santoria candles lining wood board paneled walls and salon style portrait and pastorale prints. Not bad curating.

The menu to my giddy delight has all my old favourites. Peoples of the prandium have simple tastes. Potato pancakes, made to order, light crispy outside, a little gooey at the center. An extra side of their homemade applesauce. It’s not too sweet nor too tart; just right speaks auburn locks. Two soft boiled eggs. The bartender is being the dearest garçon I’ve encountered yet in town. Last night’s garçon was disqualified for a certain, familiar wide, pleasing, utterly not sincere smile not unlike

My Suppenküche barçon offered to make more perfect soft boiled eggs if they’re not to my liking—they are. A man after my heart, perhaps unlikely, I don’t know, this is SF. He’s letting me keep the menu; they’re out of paper copies. I am thrilled for the excuse to tip generously. It’s been too long. Maybe one quarter complaint would be they drowned the butter lettuce in their light, homemade vinaigrette.

More squeals of delight from this pink post-prandium piglette. Now I am enjoying the bliss of satiety, another cup of coffee, yes, and seltzer.. I’ll take a quick walkabout through Hayes Valley, likely not resist Gimme Shoes, then blow this popsicle stand and go me to mine first peninsular love.

Pardon any words in German..

Buen provecho..

Days’ prandium potato pancakes and apple sauce are swell lefties, especially with potato sitting in sauce in to go container in rental car for the afternoon as I took entirely too long getting out of dodge but oh was it worth to let SF jumpstart a CA flow—finally.

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