Slant edge wooden spatula

Some call it wood lust..


..I say they’re stunning. The shot is terrible; the colour and lighting are wrong. The wood is all right..

Chestnut oak
Purple heart

Ginny Gartlein from Raintree Farm is the craftswoman and they are available to buy at the Ithaca Farmers Market.

Ciao beso..

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2 Responses to Slant edge wooden spatula

  1. R. Brown says:

    my husband broke my wooden spatula, and I need another one. These look very similar. How might I purchase one if I live in Tennessee? Any hope?

    • J. Frémont says:

      The woman who makes these lives in/near Ithaca, NY. Her name is Virginia but I do not have a phone number or a website for her. She sells them at the Ithaca Farmers Market. Love her and love her wood creations!

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