Get your pra’nce on


From Gotham, the sun’s setting to the south and a bit west. Slowly, it’s taking it’s time.

Tonight is eating une grande salade. Q&D assessment of recent weeks’ prandia shows a diet around sixty percent fats,–vegetable and animal–but grain intake has not been enough,–only around twenty percent; plus some eggs and chicken legs. Though FTT has ceased and mine legs are noticeably meatier and stronger, still lean. Something’s going right here. Time to ride some slopes and zip the rest of it up. So for the moment, my version of my sister, mother, and grammarays’ pasta fagiolis is on pause. A big salad is eating momentstarily. Now is time for boogie. Then back to the book.

Une grande salade recipe [TK]

B p..

Note to self.. find a good compass.

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