Late edition

I’m in the kitchen starting to make my pasta fagiolis. I’ll share with you how I’m doing it while I’m doing it. I know it’s late, but I am energy loading for a good day tomorrow and a post-prandial slumber like the d e d tonight.

Actually, two treats are concocting in the kitchen. Three pots and one French knife are clanging to make the pasta fagiolis and the last Salinas meyer lemon is about to be sacrificed for a mid-winter meyer misty for me. All yumness—I promise.

So far, two pots of water are going on the stove boiling tubettinis and dry adzuki beans that spent the past six or so hours soaking in a cold bath. The tubettinis and dry adzuki beans measure at a 1:1 ratio. I’m working with about one and quarter cups each to make up the dish. I don’t recall how many servings this makes, but depends on how you and I define a serving. Apologies, that is the bean counter in me tapping.

This is a delicate version of my family recipe. I’m still brooding over my fauve’s cass-olé and am using this dish to recalibrate.

To the boiling tubettini’s I return to drain while they are still not quite al denté..

..The adzuki’s will boil a while longer; perhaps they could have soaked longer too? Garlic is chopping and the same soon-to-be-sacrificed Salinas meyer lemon is grating. Also on deck for the dish: sel, cracked piper, crushed red pepper, oregano, Italian plum tomatoes, and Fairway roast red peppers.

The meyer misty for me takes a few minutes to whip so I’ll get to that when the pasta fagiolis are ready.

I will post proper recipes tomorrow evening. Now back to the kitchen I go..

..Yumness as I guaranteed. A meyer misty for me goes swimmingly with a spicy not my sister, mum, or grammarays’ pasta fagiolis.

B p et b n..

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