Clock of the long prandium

When left to my own accord and enjoying prandium at home every day,—with weekly sojourns to green market and dearly Fairway ensuring the matter—regulates itself into six or so small dishes. We’ll calculate the beans of it someday.

From this kitchen where prandium is learned ongoing by trials and errors, these dishes are bitten at over a working day—from rise to rest to day.2—but can be assembled—a la grownup bentointo cubicula ready carry away care package. Save for meals shared—so called cena or banquets and really they’re simply dinners—with friends and family, this and like prandium feeds the bulk of energy and nutrients on a given day.*

Sharing is caring. Do we know this yet..

In addition to their usual kibble and doggy saucisse, the poodles partake of the prandium. They don’t seem to complain, or ever fall ill—thank dogfully on the budget of this grad student. Doggles are omnivores (sans dilemma) like peoples, and meine pudel have well functioning intestines and thrive on sharing is caring with prandium. Though I keep an eye on their active time and feeding, especially with little red girl who’s progressing into more adult years—she and I are now just about twin sisters in age. The food rules are about relative for each member of the pack.*

Prandium i.. After morning café con leche (a pre-prandium wake up) and teeth brushing, a yoghurt. Find this order neutralizes pH and minimizes afternoon mouth (I know TMI!).. Lately it’s been Liberté, but usually it’s plain yoghurt with goodness chopped on top.

Prandium ii.. Apple slices with extra-sharp cheddar cheese, with or without one or two ryvita. In a class, nutrition and human development, I learned tooth decay is caused by infection primarily from a bacteria called Streptococcus mutans. Studies have shown hard cheeses, like cheddar, are shown to minimize this bacteria, or neutralize the pH of the mouth to minimize its activity. Around the time I learned this pearl, an obsession with a certain five thousand month cheddar developed. Coincidence?

Prandium iii.. Some variation on une grande et simple salade.

Prandium iv.. A bowl or two of whatever lefties were whipped up for the week.

Prandium v.. A sweet tooth.

Stay hydrated with glasses of seltzer all day and night.


When the larder runs low and a busier or traveling schedule disrupt weekly dearly Fairway sojourns, this prandium goes on rotational graze mode. I’ll tap tap on that another time.

For dog nutritionists, post doc DVMs, and the pack leaders among us, this may provoke little coronary events. But note—doggles should never be fed: coffee, chocolat, grapes, onions, garlic, or melamine.


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