Wild side of Fairway

On the week’s sojourn this evening I was delighted to discover Fairway is finally offering not one, but three varieties of long grain wild rice. I bought the least expensive of the three. At $5.99 for sixteen ounces would not be considered frugal, but is in line with resolution three for the year. The box for a variety from Canada boasts lake grown and harvested, and is $5.99 for six ounces. A bulk variety of unknown origin, packed in a Fairway container is $9.99 per pound.

Meyer lemons are still available in the produce wing. The price remains the same—about a dozen for $4.99.

Twenty-four month extra sharp cheddar is returned, after a two or three week haitus. But they’ll soon be gone as there were only five in stock. $8.99 for a one pound brick.

Fairway Market
Three locations and open late

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