This car is bitter-sweeter than any box of chocolats. In 01992 it was for sale fifteen minutes from the pond I, hardly bigger than a polliwog, swam around in. Back then I was driving the Friendly Bleu ovloV and simply wasn’t in the market. Nor did I deserve such a cherry classic automobile. I lost count of drive bys after about a bakers dozen or so.

She’s two years older than me and save for a few dings in her side, she’s gorgeous. Chocolat paint and hubcaps, chocolat rag top, butterscotch interior. Her wooden dash and steering wheel have seasoned beautifully, and glow golden and amber in the sun. I’ve been searching for her ever since and peeped her on Riverside one Sunday recently heading to the Greenmarket. Sigh.. The note I left remains unanswered. Luckily though as this grad student is yet to prove worthy of a precious beast as she, oh fair chocolat 280 SE.

In case you’re wondering.. Yes, the author of this post is a girl, or rather, an adult woman. In addition to a case of certifiable wood lust, I’m sweet for that which goes vroom and makes me an asphalt sailor. But this is indeed the big kahuna.

A moment of silence for Friendly Bleu ovloV—the original, and one and only true sport utility vehicle..

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