Birthday prandium..

..for a little poodle.

How does a blind sword wielding enlightened one—Bodhi Zatoichi—who turned two years old and is now a man dog spend a birthday?

Begin with getting his pack leader a café con leche before a hike and afternoon spent in a park full of woofs to chase, bark at, and make small steps in the long, slow socializing process. Then return home for the morning kibble, water, and doggy saucisse. Plenty of love and a birthday cena..

Joyeux anniversaire poulet pour un poodle

Place about half pound of skinned no antibiotics/hormones chicken breast a la Murrays and a cup each of chopped carrots and baby potatoes into a pot, and cover with water. Pour in a quick splash of olio, pinch of sel, and cracked piper. Let boil for about twenty-five minutes. When the potatoes and carrots are soft, use a fork to mash them a bit to thicken the broth. Serve in small bowls, one for each poodle. Lefties enough for tomorrow to mix with the kibble..


Woof woovecho..

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