Water on Tap—Uptown edition

For this week’s Water on Tap, Daily Prandium phoned six health food restaurants in the nearly upstate neighborhoods of Gotham. Contact information for these establishments are listed here.

To refresh your recollection, the premise of this series is simple—to learn if health food restaurants filter tap water they serve to their customers. It began in response to a recent AP report finding prescription drugs in the water supply. Please note, this series is not examining the type of water filtration currently used at these restaurants, nor does it make any claim that filtration will remove prescription drugs. Daily Prandium simply believes the tap versus bottle water question falls within a murky area between environmental implications and impact, and health concerns.

(V) Vegetarian Sandwich Bar
1259 Park Ave | Btwn 97th & 98th St
Closed for the holiday; will call back
El Barrio Juice Bar
308 E 116th St | Btwn 1st & 2nd Ave
Next Door
813 W 187th St | Btwn Pinehurst & Fort Washington Ave
Unknown; call back to speak with a manager
Raw Soul
348 W 145th St | Btwn St Nicholas & Edgecombe Ave
“Yes, we have a filter for the water we serve customers.”
Tamarind Gourmet
3161 Broadway | Btwn Lasalle & Tiemann Pl
“No, I do not filter the water.”
Uptown Juice Bar
54 W 125th St | Btwn Lenox & 5th Ave
“No, we don’t have [a filter].”


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