Prandium this week

I’m not going to my dearest Fairway again this week. The news reports of worldwide grain shortages actually have me somewhat scared away. I don’t want to contribute to a run on the markets here in Gotham. Usually on each trip, I buy some extra dry good anyway to keep a well-stocked larder. On the last gathering, I splurged on beluga lentils. Also, except for the usual salades and omelettes, with this being the last 20 days stretch of the term, I’m not cooking much, and the appetite wanes again.

But, here goes prandium. Notice, just one trip to the greenmarket makes for a more local prandium. Save for seasonings, coffee, and whatnots, a goal is to incorporate more local as the season progresses. Prandium this week should keep me honest..

Café au lait (Porto rico fair trade beans & Fairway milk)
180th street café con leche
Oat bran
Liberté yoghurt
Huevos (NY)
Corn tortillas
NY State extra sharp cheddar
Mixed baby greens, spinach, and arugula (Salad bowl, CA)
Aguacate (Viva Mexico)
Baby carrots
Asperges (Viva Mexico)
Smoked brook trout (NY)
Nasturtiums (NY)
Radish sprouts (NY)
Pretzels (NY)
Dried apricots (CA)
Popcorn (Northeast organic(?) home pop kernels)
Beth’s triple ginger cookies
Maple syrup (NY, VT, Canada)
Olio (Italy)
Balsamic vinegar (Italy)
Cabot’s good butter (VT)
Dijon moutard (France)
Melinda’s XXXtra hot sauce
Cracked piper
Crushed red pepper
Seltzer (NJ)
Apple cider (NY)

Buen burp-echo..

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