A good prandium

For those of you still wondering what the hades prandium is, here is a pretty near-perfect picture of one. The natural lighting is just about spot on too.

I’m still crunching, like a hard pretzel, through tomorrow night.

For those of you considering early retirement. Don’t do it. Or, if you do, be sure to devise an exit plan into something interesting and creative. What keeps the carbon fixated to you. Drive yourself there on the desperation of whatever makes you batty and cry and scream at the moon. Whatever that silly place is, you must escape from. After enjoying too much leisure, when you’re just about to turn off to the access road into loserdom, go back to work. At that juncture, your work won’t be work, or it will be work, but it will mean something. And the folks you bend elbows with, and toast to good works done, will be amazing and interesting. You’ll crave those folks and what great works they create, and wish you had thought of it first.

This concludes Daily Prandium’s tapping for today.

Buen provecho..

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