Daily Prandium—May edition

Welcome to the May edition of Daily Prandium. I hope you enjoyed last month’s as much as I enjoyed eating, foraging, and tapping it all. As usual, there are plenty of goodies to tap about upcoming. May will see new seasonal produce arriving from nearby farms—asparagus, beet greens, lettuce, parsnips, radishes, rhubarb, and summer squashes. I’m sure to prepare plenty of omelettes with these late spring yumnesses. To celebrate the season, I’ll be heading out to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden tomorrow afternoon for their Sakura Matsuri. If you haven’t already read, the sakura are in full bloom. Hopefully, expected rains will unexpectedly pass through by then to enjoy their full pink-glowing splendor.

More tapping from Daily Prandium will include four new editions of Water on Tap. Up next, we’ll check in with health food restaurants in the Upper East Side. Later this month, Daily Prandium is heading back to California for a little post-semester r & r. I’ve invited some friends and colleagues to submit pieces as contributing writers during my absence. More on that as the time nears. I’ll be posting a piece—about fast food incubators—from San Francisco, before heading home to Big Sur to clear the noggin, hike my body ready for summer fun, and relax at ‘clothing optional’ mineral baths. When I return, I’ll be joining Norm Weinstein for his Gotham-revered knife skills classes at ICE. And of course, I’ll join Wildman Steve Brill on his foraging adventures. There will be plenty of goodness, as my cravings and the season permits.

Daily Prandium thanks you for your continued eyeball support.

Buen provecho..

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