Feliz palomitas

Despite an unrelenting craving for spicy, fat California burritos, I opted to stay in for Cinco de Mayo this year. Instead, I made some huevos and palomitas. Fairway is selling paloma dorada and paloma blanca by India Tree. These bags of dry zea mays kernels were quite the splurge. I won’t tap the price here, just in case Monsieur is reading. He wouldn’t be pleased with me, not one bit. But the retail price is at about a 17,300% markup from CBOT pricing for a bushel of corn. Viva value-added! Viva subsidies!

No recipe is necessary for this huevos dish. It is very simple. Heat three corn tortillas in a covered cast iron pan on medium heat. Add slices of cheddar between the bottom and middle tortillas and let it melt a bit before turning over. Heat good butter in another, smaller cast iron pan. Crack two brown eggs into the pan and turn the heat down to let them fry slowly. When the cheddar is melted, place the hot tortillas on a plate. Once the eggs have cooked and been turned to let the whites set for a quick moment, they go on top of the hot tortillas. In diner-ese, this is considered over easy. Scoop two heaping tablespoons of black bean and roast corn hot salsa over the eggs. Mash of half an aguacate with jus de limone tops the salsa.

Instructions from the bags of polomas were mostly ignored. They were cooked stove top, but I tend to prefer mine a little burnt, with half pops.

Buen provecho y buenas noches..

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