Specialty food—belly button

The final write is on through Monday night. I’ll head out momentstarily to sequester at the library for the rest of the afternoon. The technology dogs above are still mad I left them for the food dogs above. They’ve decided to pull a trick in what is a now-customary semester-end curse. This time they killed my modem. The cable guy is off from stalking for the weekend and isn’t available until Monday. Since stealing the neighbors signal hasn’t proven reliable, I’m out the door as soon as now-customary procrastinatory chores are finished.

I am stealing enough signal to post this for you and you and you. It seems I rang the seasonal death knoll for citrus fruits too soon. These are navels from California. I picked them out at dearly Fairway specifically for their belly buttons. My favourite part of the fruit is the baby orange inside. I have no idea what it is called. But I love the tangy and sweet flavour of its little bit of flesh and delicate skin. It’s almost like a kumquat, but better. If you know what it’s called, please leaf a comment. Grassyass.

Buen provecho..

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