Go west young prandium woman

One of the girls in class brought tiny homemade chilé and cheese tamales for everyone. Seeing them in their cooler reminded me of the tamale lady in San Francisco. I think I’ll try finding her this weekend. Wish me luck. Either way, by tomorrow night this time, I’ll have enjoyed a day’s fill of Mexican comer.

During another presentation earlier tonight, I was enlightened of the tortilla likely used at Chacho’s. It’s called pan araba. They’re a cross between a flour tortilla and a pita, and were an import or creation of a Lebanese immigrant.

I need to get some shuteye. In the morning I’m heading out early to the airport. During a brief hiatus to relax California-style, Daily Prandium has invited friends and colleagues to write guest pieces. Be sure to bring your eyeballs back here and show them your digital love.

Before shutting down for the night, two things..

Firstly.. I never leave Gotham for CA without a stop first for my favourite slices at Bleeker Street Pizza. Anyone who tells you about some amazing slice of sleaza is mad, and should be committed to an uncomfortable place.

Then secondly and most importantly.. I already miss my bugs. They are my heart’s lovests.

Bon woof..

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