The lovely downward spiral—when PMS and research deadlines collide

For the past few days, I have been on a culinary adventure. Here, I use the term lightly, very lightly. I usually consider myself a healthy eater and I love to cook. So, I make fantastic dishes at home and use posh ingredients, like pancetta, crème fraiche, organic eggs, English cheeses, etc.. But all of this fell by the wayside this past week. It all began with a visit to my neighborhood bakery.

I am a creature of habit and always get a tea biscuit with coffee. I know that this is a mismatch, but I love them together. Anyway, I was dreading the rest of the day because I was finally going to start typing up two final research papers for my Master’s classes. I was also PMSing. Although, now I think I was just saying I was because I swayed from my norm. In a moment of madness, I ordered a cherry crumb cake and cheese danish. OMG! It was so bad and yet so absolutely fantastic. The cherry filling was so tart and lovely; the cheese danish was heavy and had perfect ribbons of icing on top.

How could I have missed out on this for so long? Well, this act released the flood gates and I decided then and there that I was going to indulge myself until I was done with the assignments. I need to focus on studies and do not have the time to cook and eat healthy, right? I rationalized that it was better to get convenient take-out and hit the library, then to risk a bad grade because I was busy cooking. Here is the list of foods that I demolished during these past few days.

Oh, by the way, I still am not done with the papers so the list is not complete…

The List:

Cherry crumb cake
Cheese danish
Nutter butter cookies (Big-n-Soft), #2
Chips Ahoy chocolate oatmeal cookies (Big-n-Soft), #2
Double chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles, #2
Barbecue ribs and chicken tenders country platter with French fries and cole slaw; served with a soup, so I ordered chicken noodle because I felt I was coming down with something.
Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, #3 (not enough in the “On The Go” pack)
BK Double Whopper (whoppers are a phenomenal creation)
BK Large Fries (fabulous)
Meatball parm hero (I did not know that these are also called grinders)
Trader Joe’s entertainment crackers (very buttery and lovely)
Irish porter cheese (should not be on this list)
More 7-Eleven coffees than I should admit (a safety blanket)
Chocolate chip scone (a first time trying; bought from same place the country platter was ordered from; actually very good, crumbly, and will go back for them soon)
Powdered Donuts, #2
Hostess Donettes crumb version (these are so moist and cakey, they should be illegal)

I still have the weekend to get through. I would like to return to reality and cook again. But until these papers are done, I will continue to be a junk food junkie. I saw Michael Pollan on ABC news late last night, and he was holding up a Twinkies package (apparently they do not rot). He would not be proud of me, because I have not had Twinkies in decades and the timing seems perfect…

• • • — — — • • •

Ms. Tweed has been exploring the food world since 2002. Along the way, she finds herself back at university and is currently working towards a Masters in Food and Culture Studies. She enjoys experiencing life through the medium of food, and sharing her highs and lows with others. This is her first time writing for Daily Prandium.

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