The Mighty Humble Blueberry

Folks, the weather in California couldn’t be perfect-er. It’s been sunny and sweaty up and down the coast. Fujin has blessed us with cooling winds to keep it cool enough. But this isn’t the first time the sun has followed me here. Thanks aren’t necessary. Sharing is caring as we well know..

I’m thrilled to tap about a dear and respected friend and colleague, Nancy O’Mallon’s documentary, The Mighty Humble Blueberry. Last year, I worked with Nancy on some of her post-production projects related to the doc. Just last week, she shared with me she’s been invited to screen at this year’s second annual NYC Food and Film Festival.

This has me delighted, as it’s my first successful food introduction. I had raved to Nancy about George Motz’ new festival, and during a lunch meeting with George last year, told him about Nancy. Looking forward to catalyzing many more symbiotic relationships throughout my just budding food career.

If you cannot wait until summer to see The Mighty Humble Blueberry at Water Taxi Beach, it is currently screening online, free through June 30th at Independent Features. It’s listed under the documentary category.

Read more about the project at Nancy’s blog About Blueberries.

Buen provecho amis du soliel..

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