Back to work

Returning from days breaking from Gotham, I landed here to a beyond full time work mode. Not since the heyday of Internet bubbles have I worked as much as the next few months will demand of me. Seventy to eighty hour weeks should pay off—in experience and in replenished coffers.

This morning, I spent chinking away at this week’s writing deadline. Later, I’ll be at the restaurant on LC (late close) shift. I’ll tap family meal recipes and any strange or funny antics when I get home. And as promised, I’ll try and snap some pic to share with you and you and you..

..Sorry, I did not take any pictures. It was my first day back at the restaurant, and only second time actually serving solo. Since I was away after just starting, figured it’d be best to keep my nose clean and just work. Not to mention, my nose is still stuffy from the cold I caught the first day in CA. But that’s a terribly flimsy pun.

The family meal tonight was a pasta with pink sauce. Nothing spectacular, but good energy food. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the weather closed outdoor seating. I let the server have my section and I left instead of her. I’m not sure why she’d want to work the day she graduated from Teachers College, but perhaps has something to do with money. I picked up the brunch shift this Saturday and will put me square at a 16 and a half hour workday. That should make for enough work on my feet this week.

Pasta a la familia 0521008

Boxed penne rigate
Tomato sauce base
Chopped parsley
Other unknown herbs and seasonings

Fresh ingredients were sautéed and tossed with pasta in a large flat-bottom pot. Everyone served themselves and each other.

Buon appetito..

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