Closed until midnight PST

Working five jobs are no small paws. Thankfully, a fella here at the restaurant switched days with me. Now I’m off Monday to finish up for Tuesday’s deadline.

Family meal for 0524008

Boxed fusilli pasta cooked al dente
Scrambled eggs leftover from brunch

In the large family meal flat bottomed pot, all ingredients were mixed together.

I was supposed to work a marathon double, serving brunch and dinner. But 40 minutes after arriving for brunch, I was sent home. Luckily I drive downtown to the restaurant. The A line is still out of service to my stop on weekends. Though my whole day and eating was thrown off because of the scheduling change. Back at home, I chowed some fried eggs, triscuits, and a small bowl of pastina with butter and shakey cheese. By time family meal was served, my appetite wasn’t there for the altogether appetizing dish.

I wound up starving for a good couple hours serving dinner. Conversely, I had a stomach ache and some migraine prodroning going on. I made about a bakers dozen idiotic mistakes because of it. Luckily, the kitchen was backed up for half a mile, and brown water from the taps, which 86’d pasta dishes late at night (a water main break on 7th avenue?), diluted my mishaps. Also, I think I’ll lay off the Red Bull. It must have had something to do with my nervous energy. I’m otherwise mello lately.

Buon appetito..

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