Writer’s high?

I submitted the official first batch of restaurant reviews just before noon today. Now I’m experiencing what I think is akin to runner’s high. I feel elated (endorphins?), and pumped (adrenaline?), and hopeful (faith in dog?).

The next batch is already queued and ready to tap. But first, I must spend part of the afternoon on chores and errands. The past month or so had me fall behind in my life. It’s time to ketchup.

What am I eating today. Well, one of the restaurants I wrote about, a small Japanese joint in the Village, seemed interesting. I’ve never been to before, because the long line outside always deterred me. So, I’m going to suck it up and stand in line if I must..

..Perhaps a gift from the dogs above. No line. Thank you dogs above.

I ordered a few dishes from the specials menu and a couple pieces of sashimi. All fresh, well prepared, and tasty. And all were indeed suited to sharing is caring. The service was not rushed and was quite friendly. And, I finally enjoyed a drink without the worries of a looming deadline. How decadent.


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