The incredible readable Eggcyclopedia

One of the resources I use when writing lists the American Egg Board’s Eggcyclopedia in the bibliography. This is my new favourite resource of the week. It provides detailed information for all things egg related, from air cell to foam, and raw eggs to yolk.

Granted, the Eggcyclopedia is a resource created by a special interest group. And I haven’t read it with a critical eye towards its biases (eggs are the perfect food) and true motives (everyone must eat eggs). But then, with the egg being the primary pure protein in my diet, I may be unable to be wholly objective. Then also, I have claimed at one time and another, if I ever decide to join the dark forces (meaning a DC lobby group), it would be for the egg or the blueberry lobby. Folks, we all have our sell out points.

Now. When I was checking out the AEB’s website, something I see they are sponsoring is The Search For America’s Worst Cook. This is a funny contest. It’s about akin to the Museum of Bad Art. While earnest in their mission, are utterly absurdest in nature. I’ve nominated two candidates for the worst cook contest. I won’t tap their names here, but I hope they won’t hate me for doing so. I’m sure one will have a good humor about it, the other, well, that egg boils in a pot in another universe.

Buen provecho..

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