Foods for a deadline

What does a writer eat when they’re writing to deadline. Can’t speak for any others. All I can tap is what I eat, and eat, and eat. Though some Eating club members stopped short of calling me a health nut, or some other healthy-oriented moniker, at dinner the other night.

Eggs–fried, slightly scrambled, or as an omelette (big surprise!)
Triscuits and Ryvita crackers
Toasted slightly stale biali with very good salted butter
Endive salad with avocado mash vinaigrette
Sliced avocado with roasted red pepper–with olio, lemon squeeze, sel, cracked piper
Fresh frozen French cut green beans sauteed with garlic, olio, sel, piper, crushed red pepper
Dry California apricots
Liberte yoghurts
Oat bran with maple syrup
Hot cafe au lait
Chilled coffee (I’m out of ice cubes)
Annie’s s’mac’n’cheese with XXXtra hot sauce and cracked piper
Pastina–the usual preparation with a pat of butter, shaky parm, and cracked piper
Seltzer mixed with Kedem concord grape juice (many glasses of)
Licorice covered chocolat pastiles (just a few)
After eight mints (just a couple)
Palomitas dorado y blanco

Maybe I’m missing some things. But minus what I’ve eaten out recently, this is pretty much what’s been on the home prandium menu the past week or so. I’ve refused trips to dearest Fairway of late as I’m clearing out the larder to make room for new and fresh provisions. I figure once the seltzer and milk run dry, I’ll be moseying along for a big shop. Time to get back to the Greenmarket again soon and see about June farm goodies. Until then..

Buen provecho..

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