Heading south along the Harlem River Drive in the rain, I spotted this van. This is the best picture I could snap of it, driving along. Did I mention it was raining? It’s a maroon red Ford Econoline. The license plates readUS DIET. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wondered what that means to the owner of the van. What is the message they’re sending. Is the big fat red van with US DIET plates a political statement? Social commentary? I never rode beside it to see if there was a business listing painted on the door. Maybe they were delivering cardiac and diabetes diet meals to patients around the city. Maybe it was a van full of dietitians on their merry way to fat camp for the summer. Maybe they think everything is okay in the land of plenty. I wonder. I searched the plates on NYC Serv. They don’t owe the city for any parking tickets or red light violations. I, on the other hand, achem.

Buen provecho..

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