Fiddlelate ferns

I know, it’s so late in the season. Actually, it’s the wrong season altogether. But when I saw them in their cardboard bin at Fairway, I couldn’t resist. It’s going to be a whole year before these carcinogenic lovelies will be around to enjoy again. I bought only ten. That lightened my grad student austerity budget about a US peso and eighty-eight centavos. Actually, counting the fiddleheads in their sizzling pan, I’m surprised there’s ten. I almost never prepare an even number of a food. Something along the lines of, foods are served in odd numbers in Japan. It’s an opportunity to show good manners. The one who reaches for the last, odd piece without offering it to who they’re eating with, is in bad manners. Sharing it is in good.

Here’s to the last of the fiddleheads this year (in the Northern hemisphere at least!)

Long live spring fiddleheads..

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2 Responses to Fiddlelate ferns

  1. Mark Cook says:

    What state do you live in??? I’m from Maine and getting ready for our fiddlehead season.Where I live I get early fiddleheads in late April and peak in mid May.I can’t wait. I only pick “clean water” fiddleheads. No river ones due to mills and industry build up.

    • I live in New York City. Seems we get them in April too. Cannot wait for a plate of them sautéed in butter, mm! Wildman Steve Brill takes a group foraging to a park in Westchester for them. Do you have a secret spot in Maine you care to share with care for fiddleheads:)

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