Catching up on Mark Bittman and..

..trying to glean some inspiration to cook, to write, to do something.

I’m home again today. The world of freelance food writing and editing is brutal. (An understatement, to me.) Even with a schedule for the summer set back in early June, days can be canceled at a moments notice. And it’s of no consequence to the publisher. They simply don’t pay. I simply don’t get paid. I simply don’t garner more experience. I was slated to work my first full Monday through Friday week this week. Now, I will not work until Thursday. So, I am home, watching The Minimalist videos and casting about the internet.

My old blender is broken and I’m on the verge of ordering the Oster professional blender from Amazon. I’m craving cold soups and blended drinks. I made some yummy Campari smoothies in the summer. Or I did, until my blender mysteriously broke.

During a check up with my doctor yesterday, she told me to do something to pamper myself every couple of days. She said we all deserve to do the things that we enjoy, that make us feel good. I kicked up my right leg, that was crossed over my left, to show her my neon pink doggies. I’d had a pedicure the morning before after getting the call from one of the folks at the publication I’ve been tapping and red marking.

That call came while I was motoring back from a body shop in Clifton where they wrote an estimate for my car which was smashed last week by a forklift.

But, today’s pampering will not include a purchase. I’ll sharpen my knife set and take inventory of my larder instead.

That’s it for today.

Buen provecho..

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