Adding value to a pb sammich

I gleaned this from a friend who did not tell me explicitly that what he was saying was off the record. So, I should be safe from any copyright infringement or privacy violation for tapping this here. Though I did indeed joke about OTR to him. He knows, or I’m pretty sure he knows, I sometimes use our ‘material’ for Daily Prandium. Actually, I’m also pretty sure that sometimes he intentionally feeds me some of it (achem).

This is a quicky recipe for adding value (that’s ad speak for those traffic monkeys out there) to a pb sammich. My friend’s wife, who just had a baby two weeks and three days ago,–a little peanut girl–asked her dear hubby for a plain ol’pb sammich. He wasn’t impressed with the request and thus, felt he had to add value to it. What a good hubby.

This is a jazzed up and ever simple recipe, and here it is for you and you and you..

Added value pb sammich for a postpartum wifey

whole wheat toast
peanut butter
mo rockin’ coriander
frank’s hot sauce!

The maker of the sammich was kind enough to send us a picture for you and you and you. He apologizes for the clashing napkin.

Buen provecho to Qs and you..

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