Junk foodways

I’d like to blame my roommate for working the power of suggestion over me. He does not cook. He orders takeout or goes out for every meal. Supposedly, he has a coffee maker. The kind that uses coffee pods or pouches. But he hasn’t set that up either. When he moved in, the only foodstuffs that went into the fridge was a half-used jar of sauce and peanut butter. Since then, there’s some leftovers from wherever he ate. It’s been there long enough; it’s time to send it to the great Trash Heap and the container to be a lesson in recycling.

But, I cannot blame anyone for myself for how terrible my food habits have been the past week or so. I’ve been eating everthing, accept anything like fruit and veggies and whole grain-type foods. I’ve eaten nasty neighborhood Chinese takeout. One time I placed an order with the wrong Chinese joint. I’m not even sure how I have a menu for the one up on the corner. I’ve hated that place ever since the little brat daughter who has spent her entire childhood free time sitting in a chair staring at the world go by kicked my dog. That was about four years ago.

I’ve eaten candies and cookies. I’ve eaten pizza, not from good pizza places, but junk pizza. Granted, I haven’t eaten anything from a fast food change. Except perhaps a ‘slow’ fast food chain like Pret. But they are acceptable, even with VC from (gasp) McDonald’s. I read about them online and McD’s investment roll. McD’s remains hands off and lets Pret run the show.

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