Woolly forecast

I captured the little fella after nearly rolling over him with my horseless carriage. Yes, I am a mad swirver when avoiding critters, assorted vermin, even and especially long-legged rats on the road. I never fully recovered from when, during my days on the help-turtles-even-snappers-cross-the-road force, I hit one. Though I was never sure if it was the car in front of me. Either way, I’ve lived with the guilt all these years. So, I remain extra careful. Hopefully, I don’t ever run off the road or hit another car in the process, but there’s advocates for that sort of thing.

So, this little fella is black at both ends and brown in the middle. The brown section is about an inch long when he’s stretching. According to forecast lore, winter should begin precipitously, then turn a bit milder, then more cold and precipitation will follow towards the end of winter. Here’s an article I found that sheds more light on the subject and there’s an annual festival held in North Carolina.

Time will tell. As of day two of autumn, there’s 89 days left until winter.

Get out the layers and wellies..

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