Naval gazing Thursdays

Journalism is kicking my @$$. Though today’s class was abbreviated; TH had to fly off to some place and sent class on a field trip to the library for a meeting with the journalism subject librarian to review databases and resources for new journo grad students. I attended a similar session last January with the food studies subject librarian during my first grad term. Yes indeed, my university has a food subject librarian. Actually, the journalism resources listed some references food studies does not.

Oh. Lesson learned or reminded me today. My sentences are too long. Imagine that.

So, I’m herein dubbing Thursdays through the end of the term, Naval gazing Thursdays. Here is what we are gazing at tonight. Roast poulet with autumn vegs, and in the lower right-ish quadrant of the plate is the bird’s liver. It was yumness. But next time some raw poulet livers venture into my kitchen, I’ll prepare my very special poulet-gras con shallot dish. Ooh. You know you want to be here when that happens.

Heart attack anyone?

Buen provecho..

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