Getting figgy with it

I’ve been up to something this week. It happens to include eating quite a lot of figs. No, I’m not exploring new or revisited options in bulimia. Actually, I can eat fruit for days and suffer no trouble in a certain digestive department. This will be something fun. A friend wrote some code, and I’m cutting figs and taking pictures of them, then eating them. Of course. I need to eat about a dozen more but am taking a little break. Actually, what was supposed to be the last batch rotted overnight. I fear I may be something of a fruit fly farmer. I am very bad. But anytime I see a food rot, I figure it’s time to take a break from it for a while. Meaning, if I let food go bad, I’ve been eating so much of it, I get sick of it and let it rot. So here’s something to gaze at, not my naval.

Bon nuit..

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