Not one prune for you

Q was planning to eat one prune for dinner tonight. My plan was to starve through an afternoon of interviews in Harlem and then capture the video to an external drive on campus in the evening. As usual, the technical aspects of dealing with video were a pain in the derriere, but it worked out just fine.

Passing through Harlem on my way downtown, at least five Mexican joints caught my eye and triggered the ol’ craving centers. Beans, rice, guacamole claimed my mind and taste buds. So much for being a good frugal one and waiting to return home to prepare some simple pabulum or other.

Q’s recommendation for Mexican eats near campus and near a long time haunt, “triggered some sleeper response,” in him. So, we enjoyed an early-in-the-week beer grumble and comer.

When the failed prune plan was mentioned, it triggered some nostalgia response in me. The first alimentary school* I attended served warm, stewed prunes in their own juice with lunch. The cafeteria ladies prepared them. I think I remember watching them stirring prunes in a pot. Most of the kids laughed and hated them. But I managed to rally a few buddies who enjoyed them too.

They’re so simple to prepare.

Homemade stewed prunes

Serve enough to enjoy a small snack with a friend

Place a handful of good, dried prunes into a saucepan and fill with cold water, just enough to cover the prunes. Heat on a medium flame until they plump. In this weather, serve warm; in warmer climes, serve chilled. If you’re fancy, add a dollop of fresh cream or crème fraîche.

Maybe they’d go well with plain yoghurt. But would that make the eater like some old lady?

Buen provecho amigo Q..

* Yes, I was being punny.

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