Election day


9:45 AM EST—It’s morning on election day. Some major fog has rolled in over the Hudson. I suppose because it’s a warmer day. Temps are currently at about 54°F out and looks sunny up above. So, hopefully this blanket will burn off by noon. Or quicker, in time for a mid-autumn ride with the top down on our merry way upstate.

I’ll be updating this post throughout the day while the poodles and I spend the afternoon and evening with Monsieur Père de Poire in the ‘burgh.

Note—we will not be voting for the same candidates. It should be interesting. We will keep our focus on food.

Take a look at the election project I contributed to.

In the meantime, I’m off to V O T E..

11:14 AM EST—A snippy, old Republican poll inspector did not approve of my signature. “I suppose they didn’t teach penmanship when you were in school,” he said. Actually, they did. And actually, I had the best penmanship in my class. Good thing I’m no shrinking violet and it was not my first time voting.

Off to the upstate lands where things are more purple on the state electoral map..

11:28 AM EST—So far today, I’ve heard from friends and family in Germany and France. Usually, for country-wide events, friends allover the world send their regards. Two flags on the map is a fine way to start to the day.

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