In Algiers

If you are a rabid animal-rights-type vegetarian and/or don’t have a stomach for some less delicate events in life, please do not read this. . .

I started using Twitter recently. I’ve been using Facebook since last year and making regular, about-daily, sometimes more often status updates for all of my friends. Then very recently, discovered I could make more frequent status updates on Twitter and a/ not annoy all of my friends, or in some cases, it seems, even lose some friends on Facebook for what may be an annoying string of updates from one person, and b/ I could create ‘micro-narratives’ — a string of ‘tweets’ related in their content, but short, brief to tell a little story. I am still new to this new medium and haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Though earlier today during the later afternoon, I think I tapped, er, tweeted, the first interesting micro-narrative. After lunch with Monsieur, while we sat in his kitchen before I headed back to Gotham, while the poodles barked their not quite exercised enough due to lousy weather and my even lousier health (ongoing & brutal winter cold from hell) and very excited heads off, and while my new, still-wet from tromping in fresh snow, fuzzy-lined L.L.Bean boots were planted — with feet still in them — on the carpet near the door, he started to tell me a story about his days in Algiers.

I don’t quite remember, or know, what I said, or what went through his head that inspired today’s story (after re-reading & re-compiling the ‘tweetscript’ here for you, I do recall, but read on to find out for yourselfs), but I captured the first lines of it on Twitter as he told it to me. The remainder of the story, achem, I recorded with my Treo handheld.

Since today’s tweets on my page will disappear into time and tweet’s ether, here it is for you, in order, or reverse of how it appears on my Twitter page:


‘Choux croute is actually an Alsasian dish. . . about 6 hours ago from mobile web
Choux croute gifted from Pete next door was eaten in two meals. . . about 6 hours ago from mobile web
Missing peppercorn were added for the second meal. . . about 6 hours ago from mobile web
Goupie en croute is named after choux croute. . . about 6 hours ago from mobile web
I am a doughy substance that covers a pate when baked. . . about 6 hours ago from mobile web
But it doesn’t have to be doughy, it depends on the kind you use. . . about 6 hours ago from mobile web
It can be a very fine thin, light pastry crust about 6 hours ago from mobile web
Fingers crossed tante Catherine must have the recipe for choux croute, cassoulet ‘that’s delicious’. . . about 6 hours ago from mobile web
‘We used to go hunting for partridges in Algiers’. . . about 6 hours ago from mobile web
‘They were so big, so fat and the Captain De Rames used to cook the pate en croute. . .’ about 6 hours ago from mobile web
‘We were in the middle of nowhere. You have no idea. It was delicious. The best restaurants. . .’ about 6 hours ago from mobile web
‘couldn’t have done any better. . .’ about 6 hours ago from mobile web
‘Yeat. The good old days.’ about 6 hours ago from mobile web
Mamie made a poached fish for me one year, on the long burner in the long pot just for this dish. . . about 6 hours ago from mobile web
‘Do you want to talk about something else in Algiers? Something we shouldn’t talk about. . .’ about 6 hours ago from mobile web
‘The fish we used to catch. We used to catch them with hand grenades. . .’ about 6 hours ago from mobile web
‘Concussion grenades. we used to catch some real big fish. . .’ about 6 hours ago from mobile web
‘it was pretty interesting. we stayed too long but it was a good experience. ..’ about 6 hours ago from mobile web
‘we used to eat donkey, and goat. we would eat everything. we would cook them in the oil. . .’ about 6 hours ago from mobile web
Couldn’t keep up typing. Rest of today’s oral history — Algiers — was recorded. about 5 hours ago from mobile web


A couple notes about it. . .

The tweetscript began while Monsieur had already started telling me about his neighbor, a man who owns a restaurant. He made a dish of choux croute and sent some over for Monsieur to enjoy. Most of the story is tapped in ‘parenths’ and was more or less quoted; I tapped on the tiny keyboard while Monsieur spoke. A line or two was in first person, as in referring to me, the Daily Prandium blogger. But it was Monsieur telling me and I just translated it that way.

The stories he’s told me over the past couple years are fascinating. I call them Adventures with Monsieur — as in, Monsieur’s life has been and still is quite an adventure. There is one recipe he told me about that is turning into a leitmotif in all three writing projects I have begun. Since I mentioned these projects, I will tap that they are book proposals. One is creative non-fiction and the other two are purely fiction. I believe some of these stories will figure well with the creative non-fiction stories.

So with this, Daily Prandium is finally revived, and with this I will bring you my obituary. . .

Bon nuit..

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