Gringa’s Poulet Sopa viva Italia y Mexico

4 skinless chicken leg/thighs
5 medium & large carrots
7 small to largeish turnips
7 baby bodaydoes (potatoes for those who don’t read me)
5 celery stalks
1 medium yellow onjiun
kosher sel, to taste
whole and cracked black pepper, to taste
crushed red pepper, to taste
oregano, fresh or dry, to taste
fresh cilantro fine chopped, to taste

1 cup MN wild rice (google: wild rice to buy online direct from a MN native american source) or tubettini or whole grain little shells or warm soft corn tortillas or or or..sopa-pollo_110507.jpg

place chicken legs in large, sturdy soup pot. season with sel, pepper, c.r.pepper, oregano. skin and cut onjiun in half and put in the pot. wash and skin carrots and turnips, cut into two or three longish pieces, cut the fat ends in half, and place in pot. wash and de-eye baby bodaydoes and toss in the pot. wash and cut celery stalks into longish pieces and toss into pot. fill pot with water leaving a couple inches from top. turn on stovetop to high and let it roll-boil for some time then turn down and let simmer for a long while. turn off after a while, leaf covered near an open window–the weather around these here parts is cold enough now to keep it cool and pathogenic M.O. free for four days of good eatin’. tomorrow morning, use a spoon to skim the coagulated fat from the top and set aside to mix in the dog kibble. in another pot boil water with a pinch of sel and cook to al dente your grain of choice. keep in a tupperware or covered bowl in fridge. when you’re ready to eat, turn on stovetop to heat, but do not boil the sopa again. in a good size sopa bowl put some of your chosen al dente grain. ladle sopa on top of that. put a chicken leg/thigh, a couple carrots, turnip, and celery. crack some fresh black pepper and sprinkle some–gasp–shaky cheese or fresh grated parmesan or queso blanco on top. don’t forget the cilantro. buen provecho.

in late summer in the Northeast can also add fresh, same day picked, sweet butter&sugar corn from Soon’s orchard. set alarm for sunrise (see > get out of bed when it rings > wash & dress > get in the car with dogs > cross GWB > palisades > exit 18 on left > route 6 > 17 w > 17e > new hampton > turn left at Soon’s sign > first left. don’t hit the pumpkins or the kiddies!

Ciao besos y abrazos..

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