No title but worth pr’eading

Tonight has me pr’eeganing* out of my own fridge, and it’s all about Lefties. Today.2’s prandium while I am writing for Irene, streaming KCRW, and writing this here bleurg, Republicans are preening on the television. It’s turned down and at opposite direction to my back. CNN is either taking the public’s political literacy for granted or they don’t want anyone to know who these contenders are, and are also taking for granted—or forcing a Republican primary hand to—Rudy Guiliani’s making the ballot next November. When I’ve gotten up to watch, haven’t once seen their names on the screen. A thought I’ve been planning since the 0’04 selection—to register for the Republican party. Don’t gasp at that. Some of those upstate folks in that town a long time ago branded me Conservative Republican, and always did I roll my eyes at that one. Honestly, I will vote for either Obama or Hillary. The winning ticket I see likely to include both of them, with whoever winning the crowned spot, we’ll all learn come primary season. Actually, I remain deluded and operating in the sliding door universe where el Jefe is a man named Al. So my primary vote goes towards keeping Rudy off the ballot.

Back to prandium—I’d rather talk about—than politicks schmoliticks. On the pr’enu this evening was, and is lingering still in progress, a smorgasbord of bitten at leftovers from todays’ and recent bitings. I’m not giving any recipes. This is really just such simple stuff folks. I’ll give you my grocery list sometime.

This is actually in order..

o Skinned Macintosh apple slices with super extra sharp cheese slices

o One almost hardboiled egg with sel and pepper

o Leftover granola and plain yoghurt

o Café au lait a la me

o Leftover date cut open with walnut halves pressed into it like a butterfly

o A few dry figs

o One quarter slice of Meredith’s Real cherry pie (medium-ish 7″ pie)

o The small half of a nearly too ripe avocado with squeeze lemon, sel, piper nigrum with Ryvita slice

o Glass of seltzer with electrolytes mixed in

o Broken up pieces of black chocolat with candy orange bits

o One ampoule the wrong brand of Chinese ginseng

o Green tea from Japan trip

Note to self. Eat more greens.

Buen provecho y buenas noches..


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