Keeper of the bacala

Disclaimer: This is a quick and dirty post at about four thirty in the morning before taking off for a couple or few weeks..

I drove home last night & stayed up to pack primp and ready for my flight out to California. I’ll call gypsy car service in about an hour or so. I’ve a few more things to get done before leafing here. But this is about Dogmas eve dinner, or Saturnalia cena for the pantheists out there reading me.

I am the keeper of the bacala in my little family. Posted elsewhere I wrote about a particular bacala dinner; will transfer that over here once it’s scrubbed of unnecessary nostalgia yuckness.

The piece of bacala I bought at Fairway this way was just about perfect. The tale end which we like; it’s not too chunky. But I told Mum she had to cook it this year. By time I got to the lake, was worthless to do anything but drink my Manhattan and enjoy my Mum and her friend. I thought she’d unlock the science of Nick’s bacala. I hadn’t realized they were at odds as to amount of sauce and dryness. I just about got the water soak right this year–one partial day, a night, and a longer day before cooking–yes, of course running water and change waters. I’m surprised about Mum’s preference since she orders anything that’s ever kick flipped in the waters (she’s pesci-vegetarian) cooked to within an acrylamide dimer of its life. Nick’s was dryer and with only a touch of sauce; Mum’s is saucier. We ate the latter this year.

Bacala a la Girl, Caruso

One filet of bacala thinner piece, tail end
One big potato cut in thin wedges or smallish, neat rectangular chunks
One half onion thin sliced the long way
Debatable.. From one can tomato paste, one teaspoon literally, watered down, or tablespoons full but didnt witness to count (note to self, ask Mum to figure it out)
Usual crp, pn, sel

In a smaller pyrex casserole dish, lay the fish down; the potatoes line either side, then the onions on top and around them. Sauce, per preference. The oven was preheated to 450; put bacala in the oven, and turn the heat down to about 350. Bake for 30 minutes. (time confirm TK) Serve after eating thin spaghetti w alio y olio and other stuff (TK)



Buen provecho y feliz Saturnalia..

Addendum—Likely the bacala was cooked forty-five minutes.

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