48th hour in SF

This is my second morning in SF. One night in a dive motel concluded abruptly yesterday morning when P arrived earlier than expected. So much for the nasty bridge traffic. I love her to bits but a day at the kiddie park was not on the agenda. (mmhmm) The salsa crepe at Crepes on Cole and the owner haven’t changed a bit. Thanks for the gratis coffee to gogo.

Now I’m more comfy at an old girlfriend’s in Noe Valley. She’s in a sweet place–typical SF apartment in an old Victorian home–original wood moldings on the walls, archways, doorways. The bathroom is old fashioned with a pull chain to flush and two faucets–for hot and cold running in the sink. I practiced cutting down my shower time before leafing NY but likely will never ‘go native’ CA’ian in that regard. I enjoyed a good slumber and feel much better and relaxed today. Filming for Oshogatsu begins this afternoon, and hopefully goes smoothly.

About food of this trip. All my favourite post-college-grad-on-a serious budget spots are still here. Well, I had a moment of silence for a favourite taqueria at the corner of Valencia and 17th; the space is completely renovated and seams like a residential space now. I’m sure the declining population begs another Mission flat. Otherwise el Ballazo, Webe sushi, ti Couz, Kate’s kitchen, Pork store, Powell’s, Suppenküche are all presente! Ohh, how the food nostalgia is in full effect.

This morning though I’m craving a cafe con leche from a certain Dominican bakery on 180th street. Oh me oh my addictions! (sigh hmph).

Time to get going..

Addendum—I walked past Valencia and 17th during one of my few afternoons in SF. Seams they’ve overhauled the tacqueria into a swankier space. Nobody was there to ask what’s going in next.

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1 Response to 48th hour in SF

  1. Greg says:

    Dear Jenny,
    Missed you at the Oshogatsu gathering at the JCCCNC Saturday. We could have used your help in pounding the mochi the old fashion way; it somehow tastes better when there is personal labor put into the making of mochi. I am enjoying a couple of mochi that I heated up in the toaster oven and mixed a bit of sugar and shoyu and having them for breakfast!

    I had collected a few things that I had planned to give you Saturday about New Year’s and some other things related to this time of year for Japanese families. If you are planning to be in San Francisco before heading back home let me know perhaps we can connect and you can share some of your (quiet) adventures in the Big Sur area, although I suspect part of the reason you may not have made it to SF was due to the rainstorms that rolled in Thursday and Friday.

    If you are squeezed for time but would like me to send the material to you let me know where the U.S. Postal Service can deliver it.


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