Please come back soon

Due to technical and wireless range issues during my tenure in “a place of my own” in (brag brag) Big Sur, and due to general lolligagging and weather chasing along the PCH, I haven’t posted a thing since the 28th. I will begin posting tonight. Please check back. There’s lots of goodies coming for you and you and you..

Besos y abrazos..

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2 Responses to Please come back soon

  1. surtoby says:

    hello poem partner!
    What a treat and a half you are, Jenny the prandialist. I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog…we;;, at least a few o’ them – I shall delve deeper soon.

    Where did you end up finally on the coastline?
    My friend Linda was duly impressd with you, and was all-atwitter that you responded to her email.

    Here’s hoping to seeing you again soon. And that offer for Santa Fe still stands if you wish to coem and work and learn more about wine. Lodging would be paid for, I am pretty sure, plus most m,eals… except for a couple of dinners out on the town.

    We’ll stay in touch – it would be a delight
    Be well and safe travels

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