Akemasute omedeto gosaimasu

I did not spend much time in San Francisco. Two weeks in California was not about that town, save for filming mochi making and creating new relationships–for my ongoing Oshogatsu project–at JCCCNC in Japantown. I did travel up and down the PCH twice. Gas is so expensive and ecologically speaking, cannot deny the green demerits I’ve earned. Though it was just what doctoring myself ordered and was long overdue. Chasing weather during a sudden, extravagant start to their rain season posed only fleeting whiteness at the knuckels, but proved sufficient at an optimal dose as head emptying medicine. Not being flattened by a falling tree promoted refreshed pilates breathing, and posture and glutometrics*. A pilgrimage to meet Rocinante at the John Steinbeck Center over at the wrong side of the tracks in Salinas helped crystallize what I was out there to do. Though in getting it all posted on my return has proven blocked thus far by those unchecked year end to dos, new year audiences with parentals, new business logistics, and successive procrastinatory pr’acks. Lettuce not forget the poodles, who spent two weeks communing with nature of their own up at Mum’s; they are pilot testing an improved, more frequent, and workload and schedule (mine) proof hike and business meeting schedule (theirs).

Now I am seated at my worktable, reported to duty this morning as editor and writer of the Daily Prandium, having accepted my offer as publisher for the rolls. I am creaky by less than two days nearly nil free writing. But I have prandium to write about. And California is one mecca to prandium heads like myself and must share. Sharing is caring. One place in particular is surely the left coast twin to my dearest Fairway on the rightFarm Fresh Produce.

I am only home now that I’ve restocked the larder of prandium favourites from my sweetest Fairway. Before, I cried and tantrumed and texted for coming back and knocking into more corners and walls since plopping down in fog at JFK. So to celebrate the first of the years Fairway receipts, and for the weeks home cena and prandium lefties, I’m going to make a dry roasted chicken soup. Use the preparation for Gringa’s sopa de pollo and leaf out the water. I’ll write it when it starts so you’ll know whatever I use or do that isn’t already familiar at Daily Prandium.

Buen provecho y bonne appetite..

*A portmanteau for Q

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