My sister will love this one

This is dedicated to my sister. When we swam in the family pond as tadpoles, she told me she’d go through my things and laugh at my lists. Well, I’m listing less now and this comes kind of late into new year days, but what the hay.

For my sister..

  • Eat the skins of root vegetables, apples, plums and stone fruit in general
  • Eat a yoghurt everyday
  • Eat long grain and whole grain brown rice
  • Limonene! Lemon peel grated on everything
  • Figure out dry beans and legumes
  • Prepare & eat prandium at home
  • Write, shoot & post for Daily Prandium (.com)
  • Run poodles everyday until they drop and tails wag
  • Run me everyday until I drop and tail wags
  • Parle Française et Espagnol
  • Improve research method for meatier scholarship—it’s not all on the web—talk phone|e-mail|in person with peoples
  • Music—Dance—Art|Hear—Feel—Sea
  • Speak with a relaxed voice
  • Breathing is deeper nowadays, go deeper
  • Kayaking ahhhh
  • Is there still a skier in me?
  • control it
  • Be kinder
  • Get egg laying with the hens when the rooster crows
  • 0131 addendum.. Honey is the new honey


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