SLO tuna omelette

This appears to be a tasty dish. Evidenced by delight of the feeder. The preparer opted to rely on said response.

Tuna omelette
Entire preparation and cooking times are not more than eleven minutes
Feeds one hungry ghost

Two brown eggs, apparently no hormone/antibiotic,..
Six or seven one inch flat pieces—separate the rings of flesh—from a fresh can of tuna
Cannot recall something else
A quick drop of olio
A half teaspoon butter
Cracked piper

Crack two eggshells open and let egg yolks drop into a large, handled measuring cup. Beat with a fork until well mixed but not whipped. Sel, cracked piper. A small sauté pan is heating—varies between electric (lower heat) and gas top (higher heat) stoves—with olio and butter. Pour mixed eggs into the pan and palm the pan handle to twist eggs around entire bottom of the pan. Let it sit and seal a skin on the bottom. Once it’s set a bit, lay tuna pieces down a couple or so inch center of the omelette, sel, cracked piper, and press the tuna pieces gently with your index finger into the egg. Use a wooden slant-edge spatula (ideally) and a fork to fold the right side of the omelette over the center omelette and tuna. Do the same to the left side of the omelette. Press gently with spatula then turn over in the pan and press gently. Let it all set for some moments or so. With a knife cut the omelette into four even-ish slices widthwise. Serve two omelette slices with Tapatio. The second two pieces self served at will.

Buen provecho y adios para siempre..

You are sin. My regret.

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