Dry roast chicken soup redux

It’s been five days since I made the dry roast chicken soup. It’s been keeping in its pot, covered in the oven with the whole grain brown rice in its pot, covered. The window next to the stove is kept open twenty-four seven and makes the kitchen an ice box—my produce stay fresher longer sitting in places reminding me to eat them instead of in the fridge where they can wind up sent to the archives. The kitchen needs a heavy curtain to seal it off—am not running this setup efficiently—and is added to the home hammerlist to do someday—soon. Presently I’m e loading for a day out and about in town. Was planning brunch out but motivation waned and will hook up for a movie instead tonight, maybe. I have to get out of here though—sooner. There’s three places to errand at and classes begin in three days and the weekend is in wrap up and wind down mode but an article in the Times reminded me of my daily write for Daily Prandium. So here I am. Good thing, I might’ve left with the stove on. Just kidding. The dry roast chicken soup and last half cup or’abouts of whole grain brown rice have been slow and low reheating for a few hours. Microbial issues were reminded and emphasized this week by an MIT scientist I nearly gave a heart attack to for listing raw milk over in convenience. But my kitchen clean technique is pretty effective and efficient, and nothing looked fuzzy. And the aspic was a gel system just before reheating. The bit of water used in the preparation and the veggies and chickens own moisture turned the dish into a braise. All the foods look tea smoked. Its bite is smooth but not completely flat, and is savory and just oily enough for happy fatty mouthfeel. The rice were crunchier when they were just heated but gives some tooth back cooled. Go ahead and try. See how it kind of works. It’s a slow eat for me too, as usual, I bit some before tapping this, and about to bite some more once I finish here so I can get going from this place. I think one could easily sustain keeping a pot of goodness, in the oven or in or over a fire, and just have little bowls to munch on, along with the usual list of prandium foods. And I think the winter prandium is figuring out nicely. Sundays I gather. Apples and produce at the Greenmarket, then to Fairway. I will stock up on a bunch of yoghurts for the week and need to figure out tonight what pot to make this week. Maybe something beans; I have three varieties from Farm Fresh Produce. I’m feeling dry fava beans for the secret ingredient. If you have a suggestion, please do share. Sharing is caring don’t you know that already.

Go safely and dogspeed..

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