Pasta fagiolis

My version of my sister, mother, and grammarays’ pasta fagiolis
Makes about six servings

1 and one quarter cup tubettini boiled to just before al dente
1 and one quarter cup dry adzuki beans*, soaked in cold water for several hours then boiled until soft—but not mushy, and do not drain the water
Not a full can of Italian plum tomatoes
One roast pepper chopped into little bits
Chopped garlic
Cracked piper
Crushed red pepper
Grated lemon peel

Heat olio in a good pan that’s big and deep enough for this dish. Sauté garlic until golden, then add plum tomatoes and use the side of a spoon to chop them up a bit. They won’t put up much of a fight so go easy on them. Mix in sel, piper, crushed red pepper, and oregano. Let simmer a few minutes before adding the tubettini and adzuki beans—with the water they boiled in. Simmer a while on slow heat to let the flavours meld, then mix in the roast pepper and grated lemon peel for the last few minutes.

Serve in your favourite bowl and dress with fresh grated parmesan and cracked piper. Add a pinch more crushed red pepper if it’s not hot enough for you..


Bon nuit..

*If you use canned adzuki beans, rinse them before adding to the pan to cook. They are precooked and saves time. Use about a half cup of pasta water instead to replace the water you don’t have if you’d had from boiling the adzukis.

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